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Europe, un panorama sonore

Publié le 29 Avril 2011 par beau bruit in Annonces

La pièce Tramuntana, portrait sonore du Camp de Rivesaltes à travers le “personnage” de la Tramontane, a été retenue par le jury du concours Europa – a sound panorama. Organisé conjointement par la Deutschlandradio Kultur, le ZKM de Karlsruhe, le Goethe Institut de Belgrade et l'UER, cette compétition vise à former un panorama sonore de l'Europe contemporaine à partir de 10 contributions de 5 minutes provenant d'artistes sonores et de compositeurs de toutes origines. Extrait du communiqué de presse :


The entries submitted range from finely captured audio landscapes and dense acoustic conglomerates depicting the multitude of sounds in an urban space, to rhythm montages, strolls and the occasional light-hearted portrait of a region. The sounds encompass the church bells and cowbells so characteristic throughout Europe, the crunch and squeak of ice floes and snow mounds in Iceland, various sounds of water, underground mining noises, the typical spectrum of urban transport (underground trains, cars, bicycles), electrical vibrations, birds, all sorts of languages, kitchen noises and still atmospheres. The characteristics of the artist’s selected venue or of his/her native country are often revealed through the sounds chosen, the ambiance and the technology or aesthetics applied. It is interesting to note that the artists did not always select the European venue where they resided, but rather almost as often places in other countries that they visited and explored from an acoustic viewpoint. This results in a blend of self-portraits and depictions of other cultures.


Out of the total of 186 contributions from 25 European countries, nearly half (70) came from Germany. It should be noted in particular that around a quarter of the entries were submitted by women. Contributors range in age from 20 to 60.


La prochaine étape du projet est un workshop à Karlsruhe en octobre. À suivre !

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